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SHoeBox Games Event Hosting Philosophy
We're chillEver walk into a store full of uber-competitive players and cliquey staff and not know where to start? Worried about your kids hanging out at the stereotypical grungy local games store? Not at ShoeBox Games! We pride ourselves on our welcoming environment, a conscientious design that fosters sportsmanship among pro and beginner players alike. Below are a summary of our regular weekly events. For our most updated event schedule, visit our
Facebook Events page (works even if you don't do Facebook)
Regular / Weekly Events
Magic the Gathering

Competitive EDH / Comander
Tues 6:30pm, $10 Entry, Store Credit Prizing
Tues 6:30pm, $9 Entry, Store Credit Prizing
Casual EDH / Commander

Thurs 6:30pm, $5 Entry, Pack Prizing
Fri 6:30pm, $9 Entry, Store Credit Prizing
Draft (Standard)
Sat 12:00pm, $20 Entry, Store Credit Prizing
Sat 3:30pm, $9 Entry, Store Credit Prizing

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Wed 4:30pm - 8:00pm, Free Play + Learn to Play
Fri 6:30pm, Standard tournament $10 Entry, Pack Prizing


Weekly OTS Tournaments
Sun 12:30pm - 4:00pm, $10 Entry, Pack Prizing

Flesh and Blood

Casual Tournament
Wed 7:30pm, $10 Entry, Pack Prizing
See Alberta FaB Discord for Tournament info

Digimon trading Card game

Casual Tournament
Sat 2:00pm, $10 Entry, Pack Prizing
Sun 5:00pm, $10 Entry, Pack Prizing

other games / Meet-ups

Board Game Rental in Store
$3/person min. spending: call to book
One Piece
Sat 6:30pm $10 Entry, pack prizing

Special events

Pre-releases and other Tournaments
Check our Facebook Events Page

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