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News From Social MEdia
DOMINARIA UNITED! Its here ! Prerelease kits are in ! Now on sale! (Prerelease events: Friday September 2nd 2022 @ 6:30 PM Saturday the 3rd @ 11:00AM 3:00PM, and 2HG @ 7:00PM)
LOST ORIGIN! BUILD AND BATTLES on sale TODAY! September 2nd 2022!( First serve, while supply lasts, limit 2 per person)
Its official ShoeBox Games finally entered the 21st century and got an Instagram. Go check it out as we are gonna try to keep it updated with new products, deals and so much more. Find us by clinking on the link or by searching shoeboxgames_yyc https://www.instagram.com/shoeboxgames_yyc/
New for June 18th weekend: 100+ PSA slabs for Pokemon, Professor Juniper cartons, finally a restock on MG and HG gunpla kits, Legendary Dualists, and our last case of Hololive booster!
Once again we're calling for donations of Pokemon cards for the Strathmore Summer Reading Program! If there are any bulk, doubles, oversized cards you're willing to part with, please drop them off at the store. If you have any connections to local camps, schools, and libraries that are looking for donations too, please let us know!
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Think of us and other local stores during these trying times, but above all, Stay Safe!
- Owner Pat
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Trading Cards
We currently carry the largest selection of Pokemon Trading Card Game singles in Calgary. We buy and trade as well so whether you are looking to complete a competitive deck, fill in that empty slot in your binder, or just want a friendly face to teach you how to play, we are the place to be!
Magic the Gathering is really picking up at the store. Fully sanctioned and with a focus on casual, semi-competitive events that fosters fair play and welcomes beginners, we have a very well stocked and sorted singles selection down to the commons. No rule-sharking here at the chillest LGS in town. Expect home brews, a good time, and thriving Commander/EDH (20+ players weekly) and Drafting scenes.
We are sanctioned for Yu-Gi-Oh! too and boast the best singles selections in town for the game! Compete, trade, and take advantage of the most competitively priced sealed YGO products in Calgary.
Store credit from trade-ins can be used for Anything in the store!

Miniatures and Board Games
TCGs aren’t or only focus. you’ll find a wide selection of Games Workshop products we can custom order in for you, as well as Calgary's most attended, and chillest, Gundam/Gunpla builders scenes. We are a small store, but make up for it with competitive prices (for example, as of 2019, we only charge less than $180 for Gloomhaven) and a busy Custom Order Program. We will never demand for payment beforehand and are always asking for suggestions to what to bring in to expand the store.

Tables Fees
We have a minimal $3/person table fee. As long as you support the store by spending more than $3 during your time here, you'll have access to our full library of in-store Board Game Rentals and learner TCG decks. And, that's that! We try to keep it simple, affordable, and welcoming at the store :)
Please spend more money here though... I need to pay for my kids' shoes
- Owner Pat
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