Meet Our Team!
An Artist, a Cook, a Carpenter, and a Ph.D.,
+Adam and children
Our Story
Chi and Brandon began the dream in 2014, slugging away every weekend at a humble farmer's market booth to create the warm environment for card and board games we now cherish. Our full retail / gaming store on McKnight Blvd opened in December 2016, seating 50 +, running tournaments of all sizes, and serving locally sourced snacks and grub. Although our founding couple has moved on to focus on their budding new family, ShoeBox Games & Cafe continues to strive to be a friendly, welcoming environment for nerdy Calgarians of all ages to chilax ( Yah, that’s right, I said chilax ) over table top games and snacks.

 Whether you’re looking for a hang-out after school with your buddies, a place where you can pick up a new board game for your kids, or a night out with close friends over foods and cards, ShoeBox Games & Cafe is the place to be. We’ll provide the games and addictive snacks and desserts.  You can bring your family board game nights, kitchen table top adventures, and epic tournament games!
- Owner Pat
Faces at the Store
Kevin L.
Head of HR
Owner of too much store credit
He who lives at the store
Adam M.
Pat W.
Piled Higher and Deeper owner
"This Pat"
Christopher S.
Cardmonkey #1
"Baby Chris"
Michelle T.
Pokemon person extraordinaire
Hander-outer of V-cards(pokemon thing)
She who sorts cards like a boss
Pat M.
Esquire(not really)
Deck builder in more ways than one
"That Pat"
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